Terms of use

To enhance the lives through the process of learning is the ultimate quest of Smartchildzone.  We allow people to develop and spread educational courses, from wherever they want. We also allow students to enroll themselves for those educational courses from all across the globe. According to us, the model of our marketplace is the most excellent way to provide valuable educational materials to enthusiastic students. Yes, we have some rules so that we can keep our services and platform clean. We do this to keep you secure along with our instructors and students. All your doings in the platform of Smartchildzone like the mobile app, APIs, TV apps and other services will fall under these terms and conditions.

Well, if you want to publish a course on the platform of Smartchildzone, you have to abide by the instructor agreement. Moreover, we will deliver you with the details about the processing of some personal data. Those will comprise of the personal data of students as well as instructors. All of these will be included in our privacy policy. If you are utilizing the Smartchildzone on behalf of the Smartchildzone of your employee, you can get in touch with our UFB Privacy Statement. You can use the Smartchildzone for learning, business as well as a development program.

If you are living in Canada or United States, by approving the terms, you settle that you will resolve the disagreements with Smartchildzone by ‘binding arbitration’. Besides, you relinquish certain rights from participating in in-class activities. You will get all the details about this in the ‘Dispute Resolution Section’.

1. Accounts

To do all the actions on our platform, you must create an account. Those activities comprise of enrolling and purchasing of a course, or submission of a course. While maintaining and setting up your account, you must deliver and continue to provide precise and ample information, and that should consist of valid e-mail id. You and only you are liable for your account’s activities and all the things that occur in your account. And that also includes the damage and harm of your account by a person who has your permission to use your account. This signifies the fact that you have to be protective about your password. You are not authorized to use someone else’s account without their permission. Also, you must abide yourself from transferring your account to someone else. In case, if you get in touch with us to get access to someone else’s account, we will not grant it. And if any user embraces death, we will close the account permanently.

Besides, if you provide your login credentials to someone else, you have to take responsibility for that. Anything happening to your account is your liability and Smartchildzone will not interfere in this matter. Even if there are disputes between instructors or students after exchanging their login credentials, Smartchildzone will not intercede. But, if someone tries to access your account without your permission, you must inform us immediately. You can communicate with us by communicating with our support team. Maybe, we will ask some for some information from you to validate that you are the owner of this account.

To create an account in Smartchildzone, instructor or student, one has to be 18 years old. Then only, one can use the services of Smartchildzone. If you are below the age of 18, you are not legally compatible with opening an account here. But, to encourage you, we would suggest you invite your parents to create an account in Smartchildzone. They can enroll in the courses that will serve your purpose. If it comes under our monitor that you created an account here, and you are legally underaged, you will witness a termination of your account. Maybe, we will request you to confirm your identity. We will do this before your authorization to comply for Smartchildzone and publication.

You can terminate your account whenever you want. You have to follow some simple steps for that. You can also go through our privacy policy and know what happens after you terminate your account.

2. Course enrollment as well as your lifetime access

We have an instructor agreement. Under that agreement, whenever an instructor is publishing a course on the Smartchildzone  platform, they have to ask for a license from the Smartchildzone. After that, the Smartchildzone will grant the license to offer courses to students. That justifies that Smartchildzone has the authority to provide the sub-license to the students, who are enrolling for the course. It can be a free course or a paid course, but you have to get the license from the Smartchildzone. After that, you can use the services and the platform of the Smartchildzone. The licensor record will belong to Smartchildzone. So, the courses are not sold to you, and they are under license. You have to no right to resell the trade the classes to anyone else.

Legally, and as per the terms, the granted license by Smartchildzone is non-exclusive, limited, and non-transferrable. This license will allow you to view and access the courses and other contents for which you have paid the fees. As per the terms and conditions, you should use the platform for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes.

Generally, we provide lifetime access license to the students after they enroll with our services. But only we have the right to cancel any license as well all courses, whenever we want.

Instructors are not authorized to grant license of their sources, directly to a student. That will be considered as a null license, and violation of the terms.

3. Payments, refunds and credits and delivery

3.1 pricing

Well, the prices of the courses will depend on the Instructor’s Agreement, and our Promotions and pricing policy. Sometimes, the costs of the courses on the website may vary from the courses on TV applications and mobiles. The pricing systems on mobile platform and TV are different from the website. We run sales as well as promotions regularly. We do it to promote specific courses that have discounts for a specified period. Moreover, the price can be different for new users compared to old users. Because there are some promotions, which are only offered to new users. The currency will be based on the location where you are living. However, the money will depend on the country where you live, if you are not logged in. Well, we don’t allow users to determine the pricing in a different currency. If you belong from a country where value-added tax, sales tax, and goods tax falls under consideration, we will collect and submit the tax to the authorities. Maybe the price the courses are inclusive of all those taxes in your country.

3.2 Payments

If you are paying us the fee for the classes, you are approving us to use your credit card or debit card or any other modes of payment. Smartchildzone is compatible with the methods of third-party payment. It will help you to pay your fee more conveniently. Besides, whenever you are going through a purchase, you have to ensure that your mode of payment is valid. There will be some cases, where we may provide you with some credits in your account. Those credits will be valid for your next transaction, automatically.

3.3 Credits and refunds

Maybe you purchased a course that you were not expecting. In that case, you have to request within the 30 purchase. And then only the Smartchildzone will grant a refund to your account. If you pass the guaranteed time of 30 days, we will not provide you with the return. Also, if we find out that you are abusing the credits or the refund policy, we have the authority to ban your account. It will signify that you are violating the terms or safety guidelines.

3.4 Delivery Policy

Since our product in an intangible type, the mode of delivery is electronic. Once you register successfully we automatically send you the details of your login credentials to the email address provided during registration. In the very rare case that you do not get your login details after 5 minutes of registration please contact our support team by raising a ticket and we will address the issue within 24 hours (apart from weekends).

4. Behavior rules and content

At any circumstance, you cannot use our services or generate an account for illegal purposes. You must use your service according to the local and national laws, which are applicable in your country. And, if you are a student, the services will allow you to ask questions about the specific courses to your instructor. Also, you can submit a review of the instructor. And, if you are the instructor, you are authorized to submit courses. You can publish it on the platform. Apart from that, you can also get in touch with the students who have enrolled in your class. In case, if we find out that your contents are not abiding the rules, we may ban your contents.

5. Right of Smartchildzone to content you post

The contents that you post on the platform of Smartchildzone are your posts only. You are only allowing us to share and reuse your posts. By any means, it will not hamper your ownership rights. Well, it is applied in the case of both instructors and students. According to the instructor agreement, you are approving the Smartchildzone to share and use your questions, comments, reviews or any other contents. We can promote it to any media and any platform. And that signifies the fact that the content can be available to other companies and organizations.

6. Using Smartchildzone at your Peril

Well, Smartchildzone allows to craft and share educational courses. No matter where you are, you can do that. There are more than 100,000 courses in our bucket. As per our model, we are not in the place to edit or review the courses in case of legal issues. Also, we don’t have the authority to acknowledge the legality of the course’s content. By using our services, there is a possibility that you will come across some contents that are indecent, offensive or objectionable. Smartchildzone has no liability to keep those contents discreet from you. We also don’t have any liability to your enrollment and access to any courses. You also have to be careful about the personal information that you will share while interacting with a student or an instructor.

Rights of Smartchildzone

Everything that is happening in the platform in the platform of Smartchildzone is the exclusive property of the Smartchildzone. The properties include a website, applications, databases, APIs, as well as the contents that our employees are submitting. Copyright, laws and trademarks are protecting our services as well as our platforms. Well, there is something that you must not do whenever you are using the services and the platforms of the Smartchildzone. Those things are:

•    Create some issues with the computer systems of the Smartchildzone as well as the technical system of delivering.

•    Interfere with the features that are related to security.

•    Search the platform of Smartchildzone by different means, other than the available functionalities like website, APIs or mobile apps.

•    Use the platform to send false, altered or deceptive information.

•    Modify, copy, or reverse engineer of any type of data in the Smartchildzone.

8. Various legal terms

8.1 When you will register, use or access our services, you approve that you are confining yourself with the contract of Smartchildzone, legally. If you are not compatible with the legal terms, you should not register in the first place. Being an instructor, you are accepting these terms will signify that you are the authorized person to do so. And the English language will be considered as the common communication language, in case of any dispute.

8.2 Disclaimers

There is a possibility that our platform can go through a downtime or maintenance break. Also, there is a possibility that one of our instructors is making any misleading statements regarding this. Well, you have to accept that you will not keep any issue against us. These are unwanted situations, and we will take of that. Also, we will not take the responsibility of failure or delay of our performance, anything beyond our control happens.

8.3 Limits of the liability

There are some risks that you may have to face after availing our services. For instance, if you enrol yourself for a course that is related to health and fitness, you may get injured. In that case, you have to accept the chances of the risks. In future, you cannot blame it on the platform or the course.

8.4 Indemnification

In any case, if your behavior leads you to legal trouble, we may take legal actions against you. You have to approve you will indemnify and defend Smartchildzone. Also, you have to agree that Smartchildzone, their directors, officers, suppliers, as well as the agents, are harmless. During the time of your indemnification, your termination will survive.

8.5 Governing Jurisdiction and Law

The State of California laws, USA govern these terms. But, the ‘Dispute Resolution’ law doesn’t fall under this category.

8.6 Legal Notices and Actions

Both the parties cannot take actions after one year of the cause. The intensity and form of the cause are also not considered.

8.7 Our relationship

Both agree that there is no partnership, joint venture, contractor, employment or agency relationship occurs between us.

8.8 No assignment

You have to authority to transfer or assign these terms. But we have the authority to assign these terms to third parties. And for that, we don’t have to go through any restriction. You have to approve that you cannot transfer your account.

9. Dispute resolution

This section is applicable for you if only you are living in Canada or the United States. Well, most of the disputes are resolvable. So, before going for the legal steps, we would request you to get in touch with our support team.

9.1 Small Claims

Both the parties can bring a claim to the small claim courts in California, San Francisco, or your living county. Well, we both have to agree that the dispute is qualified in that specific court.

9.2 Going to adjudication

If we fail to resolve the dispute cordially, both of us can resolve the claims by binding and final arbitration. It doesn’t matter what the claim is.

9.3 The process of arbitration

If any claim is less than $10000, both of us has to resolve the claim by ‘non-appearance-based’ arbitration.

9.4 No class actions

Both of us have to agree that we can only bring a claim to each other individually. And that signifies the points that:

•    We cannot claim as a class member in action, representative action or consolidated action.

•    A mediator has no authority to combine numerous claims and turn it into a single one.

•    The decision of the arbitrator can affect a single person and more than that.

9.5 Changes

In case, if the Smartchildzone changes the section of ‘Dispute Resolution’, after the last day you accepted the terms, you have the power to reject such changes. You can deliver a written notice to Smartchildzone about your rejection. You can either mail them or send letter in their official address.

10. Updating the terms

There is a possibility that we will update these terms from time to time. We do this introduce new practices as well as to clarify our practices. Whenever we change anything, you will receive the notification regarding this, from us. And we will notify you that by emailing you or by posting the notice through our services.

11. How can you contact us?

One of the finest ways to get in touch with us is by communicating with our support team. We are always eager to hear your concerns, questions, as well as feedbacks about our services.