Students using smartchildzone are able to distinguish themselves by demostrating exceptional mastery of skills in mathematics, science, arts and the use of languages. We make it easy for students to learn and understand concepts in a very unique way through our adaptive learning system. Our learning system is an intelligent solution, it adjusts to the learning speed of each student.
You can enroll your name easily for joining the course, in which you have an interest. You can start taking the instructions at any time, and you have no deadline of pursuing the training program within a particular time. You may use any platform and device for accessing the course.
Although it is not presently accredited, we are ready to provide you with the skill-based training courses. We have reliable trainers for all the approved courses. We send you certificates that you can save in .jpg or .pdf format.
Our team always strives to offer you the courses at the best available prices. However, we can do that while you have made a request within 30 days of your purchase date
We have different modes for paying our instructors. You may use Payoneer or PayPal account to get payment from us. To have more details on the payment, you can speak to your team.
If you are not satisfied with your subscription we will give full refunds as long as the complaint came less than 24 hours after you subscribed. Please check our Term & Conditions