Privacy Policy

1. The Types of data we are getting

1.1 Data that you will deliver us

Maybe, we will collect some data from you. It will depend on the services that you are using. Here are some examples that will help you to understand even more.

Whenever you register yourself with an account of us and agree to use services, even by a third-party platform, we collect some data from you like.

Account data- You have to create a user account to use specific features. While creating the account, you submit some of your details like email address, gender, password, and date of birth. Then we provide you with a ‘unique identification number’. During that time, we store your data.

Profile data- You can also deliver some profile data like headline, a photo, website link, and numerous other things. Well, others can view your data.

Course data- When enrolling for a course, you have to provide some specific data like assignments and other things. During that time, we collect all these data. They are exchanged with other students, teaching assistants, as well as instructors.

Student payment data- Whenever you go through a purchase, we get access to specific data. We need to store this data so that we can properly process your order. The data that we take from you is name, processing partner, billing address, information of credit card, and the zip code.

Payment data of instructor- In case, if you are an instructor, you have to link with a payment account. At that time, we collect that information of yours. The data that we take include email address of the payment account, physical address, account I.D., and other necessary data.

Data related to your account for other services- We can take some specific information, your online accounts or social media. We will only accept those data if they are related to Smartchildzone.

Promotions, sweepstakes, and surveys- There is a possibility that we will invite you to contribute to a promotion. We can also ask you to complete a survey. Well, we will store and collect all those data that you will provide during participation. Those data will comprise of name, phone number, email address, as well as your date of birth.

Support and communications- If you are suffering from any issues, you can contact us. When you get in touch with our support team, we will collect some data from you. And after that, we will store those data. You have to submit some data like name, email address, O.S., I.P. address, and location.

1.2 Data, which we gather with the help of automated means

Well, when you use our services, we get access to some of your data, and that we get via automated means. Those data include:

System data- Technical data related to your device or computer, like device type, I.P. address, version of O.S., browsers, and numerous other things.

Usage data- It is all about usage statistics like your connections with the services, time spent, accessed courses, features used, visited pages, and various other things.

Approximate geographic data- These data include geographic information like city, country, geographic coordinates, and your I.P. address.

2. The process by which we get your info

2.1. Cookies and tools of data collection

We use ‘automated data collection tools’ and server log files. Our tools consist of cookies, scripts, tags, browser fingerprints, customized links, and several other things. And the types of cookies that we use are:

•    Preferences- Well, these cookies help to remember the data of your browser, and the preferred settings. It affects the appearance as well as the behavior of the service.

•    Security- The purpose of the security cookies is to enable your login. It also allows you to access the services. Other things that a security cookie does are to protect your account from deceitful login, prevention and the detection of abuse, and unlawful usage of your account.

•    Functional- The purpose of these cookies is to store the functional settings.

•    Session state- These type of cookies, track the interaction of yours with our services. This helps us to enhance our services and boost your browsing experiences. It also helps to remember the login details.

Well, you will get the chance to set an alert in your web browser, when someone tries to place cookies on your computer. It will also help you to refuse the cookies and confine the types of cookies.

2.2. Analytics

To analyze the data, we use analytic tools like Google Analytics, intercom services, and Hotjar. We also use third-party browsers. We use all these tools to analyze your service usage. They include the information like the third website that you used to arrive, frequency of your visit, performance, as well as usage.

2.3 Online advertising

We use numerous third services for advertising. The services that we use are Facebook, Taboola, ad services of Google, and other ad servers, and networks. Well, maybe, the ads will base on the things that we know about you, like your system data or your usage. Also, we can create ads based on your activity over time or recent activities.

3. How we use your data

There are numerous reasons for which we use your data. The reasons are:

•    Deliver and govern the services. That includes the presentation of the customized content, as well as to enable communication with others.

•    Order and process your requests for the products, courses, information, specific services, or features.

•    Communicating with you to know about your account by:

·         Replying your concerns and questions.

·         Sending you messages regarding administration, and information, like teaching assistants, texts from the instructors, notification regarding our service changes, and other things.

·         Sending you in-app messages as well as information about your progression, new services, rewards programs, promotions, and other available courses.

·         To provide you with the updates and other essential messages through push messages to your wireless device.

•    Managing the preferences of your account.

•    Simplify the technical functioning of the services, like troubleshooting, deterring fraud and abuse, and safeguarding the services.

•    Asking for feedback from the users.

•    Market and control the Smartchildzone’s promotions and surveys.

•    Classifying the exceptional users athwart to the devices.

•    Crafting advertisements for different devices.

•    Improvement of our services and coming up with new products, features, and services.

•    Analyzing the traffic and trends, tracking of usage data, and tracking of the purchases.

•    To ensure the integrity as well as safety of our employees, users, our services, third-parties, and our publics.

4. Who can see your data besides us?

There is a possibility that we will share your data with the third if that falls under these circumstances or Privacy Policy.

•    With any of your instructors- We share your data with your instructors. We do this regarding your enrollment for the course. We also share information with the instructors when they ask for it. The data that we share includes your country, city, operating system, browser language, device setting, and a few other things.

•    With other instructors as well as students- Well, based on your settings, maybe your data is viewable for the public. And that can include other students and instructors as well.

•    With our business partners- We have our agreements with other platforms as well as websites. They can share the services of the Smartchildzone on their platforms. Well, we will share these data depending on your location.

•    With contractors, service providers, and agents- We have already discussed that the third-party companies get access of your data from us. They get the information on behalf of marketing, payment process, data analysis, as well as advertisement services.

•    With services like data enrichment and analytics- It is a part of the third-party analytics. We share some specific contact information, usage data, account data, system data or the de-identified data.

•    To enhance the features of social media- There is a possibility that the features of the social media platforms may allow the third-party to collect certain things. Those data consist of the data like I.P. address, and the services page that you are visiting.

•    To govern the surveys and promotions- may be, we will share your data to sponsor, administer, and market the surveys, and promotions. We will only take your data if you participate in those events.

•    For advertising- If we plan to offer advertisement in future, there is a possibility that we may share and use certain data. Those can be usage data, and the system with the third-party advertisers. It will help to show the preference as well as the preferred demographics amongst our users.

•    For legal compliance as well as security- Also, we may reveal your data to the third-parties, if we make sure that the revelation is:

·         Compatible with the law or required by the law.

·         Requested for governmental, judicial, proceeding, or order.

·         Required as a part of an active warrant, subpoena, or other requests that are legally valid.

·         Necessary for the prevention, and detection so that we can deter from fraud, misuse, abuse, a potential violation of the law, and technical or security issues.

·         Also, our auditors can get access to your data as well as legal advisors.

•    During a control change- If the Smartchildzone goes through a business transaction like acquisition, merger, dissolution, or corporate divestiture, we will share your data with the organization that is taking the further charge of our company.

•    After de-identification or aggregation- We can aggregate or disclose data for the necessary purposes. Also, we can de-identify data for the same.

5. Security

Smartchildzone will take all the necessary steps to protect the data that we store. We will protect the data from the numerous aspects like alteration, unauthorized access, destruction or disclosure of the data. We will take the steps based on the sensitivity of the data. Well, we cannot guarantee anything as no system is 100% secured.

6. Your rights

6.1. Your choice regarding your data

It is up to you if you want to provide your data to us or not. But there is a possibility that there are certain features that you cannot use.

•    You can unsubscribe the promotional communication if you don’t want to receive promotional communication from us. You can also change the email preference.

•    You can also control the cookies of your browser in your device. You can also deter your device from sharing your location or other data.

•    To control cookie and get the information for the advertisements from the companies that are participating, go through the consumer opt-out pages. By this, you can do the Network Advertising Initiative, as well as the Digital Advertising Alliance.

•    If you don’t want to allow Hotjar, ZoominfoMixpaneln and Google analytics to use your data, you can opt from each of them.

6.2. Updating, Accessing and deleting all your data

You can update, as well as collect personal data that are collected by the Smartchildzone, and maintains are:

•    You can directly log into your data, and update your account, at any point in time.

•    To terminate your account:

·         If your student, you have to follow certain steps to terminate your account.

·         Also, you have to follow certain steps if you are an instructor.

·         If you are facing any problem to terminate your account, you can contact our support center.

·         Make sure of the point that even if you terminate your account, all your information will be visible to other people.

•    If you want to get the access of your account and want to correct or delete some personal data, you can email us at

7. Jurisdiction-Specific Rules

7.1. Users in California

If you are residing in California, you will get some rights. You will have the right to request certain details. Well, you will be able to get to know about the personal information that we will share with other platforms.

7.2. Users in Australia

In case, if you have some complaints, and you are residing in Australia, you have to get in touch with the Australian Information Commissioner. You can contact them by visiting the website of

7.3. Users who are living outside the U.S.

Headquarter of the Smartchildzone is based in California. Well, to provide you with the service, we have to transfer this service to the United States. By using our services, you are approving that all your data will be stored in the U.S. And from there, it will go for the processing.

8. Delivery and Refund Policy

Since our product in an intangible type, the mode of delivery is electronic. Once you register successfully we automatically send you the details of your login credentials to the email address provided during registration. In the very rare case that you do not get your login details after 5 minutes of registration please contact our support team by raising a ticket and we will address the issue within 24 hours (apart from weekends).

Our refund policy is quite straightforward, if you are not satisfied with your subscription (before the subscription expires) we will refund 50% of your subscription fees. You need to contact our support team if such situation arises.

9. Contact info and updates

9.1. Modification of this privacy policy

There is a possibility that we will change our privacy policy frequently. If we go through any changes, you will receive notifications from us. We can send you an email, or you will receive the notification through our services. The implementation of the policy will go on from the day of the notification.

9.2 Interpretation

Any capitalized term that is not specified in the policy is considered as the specified, in the terms and use of Smartchildzone’s terms.

9.3 Questions

In case, if you have any concerns, questions or disputes. About the privacy policy, you can communicate with our support team. You can send us an email regarding your concern.